Friday, August 10, 2007

That's it, for now.

One more year done and on the books. I'm off for a much needed sabbatical. I'll almost certainly return with another blog eventually, but I don't currently have one (that I like) in mind, so I may let myself have a longer break than I did after the last one. In the meantime, check out the various blogs to the right (including my previous blog, A Year in Pictures Following the Break-Up), and maybe subscribe to my podcast, Premisey.

Drop in from time to time and drop me a line.


Hooray for completion!
I find it sad and ironic that I get laid off on the day this blog ends. It's YOUR FAULT!!!

just kidding. We'll miss you.
Hey Arnie,
I'm the public relations manager for a hearing aid company and seriously need to know where to get one of those ear costumes!
Please email me at you can help me out!

Thnx a bunch! Good luck with your future plans!

Really? I hate to be a stickler here, but this Blog is called A YEAR in Pictures of Working ... not "Just shy of a year in Pictures". I think you probably owe your loyal readers a few more days to make it a full year. Now - I'm not really loyal because I just found you online, BUT I was looking forward to a few more musings.

Schmenk :)
(Okay ... to be fair your first post on this blog was August 6th so I guess you have an out)
i love your blog. i loved your blog, i mean. can you let us know how the family is doing in hometown, ohio? just in general, or because of flooding. thanks.

My family is doing well. Hometown, Ohio did end up on CNN (and the front page of recently, due to flooding, but beyond having to get new carpet in the basement, my family avoided the worst of it.
Hello Schmenk!

You never were very good at math.
thank you Arnie.
I hope you are doing well, would love to meet Sarah in person one day, maybe and Andrea and I's wedding?
Happy to hear your family is okay, it was just a matter of time before GOD turned his wrath on Ohio, I mean Drew Carey has been lucky.
yes love
At, At was the word I wanted instead of and.
Hi Arnie. My name is Lindsey Gort and I had a question about the trophy you received a while back. Will you please email me at I wanted to see if there was a way for me to pay you to ship it to me. Its sort of like the Excalibur sword: i AM its rightful owner. AND it would really mean a lot to me to have it. Thanks!
I waited a while to get sufficient data to run the calculations, and the numbers are now in: my life is 11 percent duller without the daily dose of Arnie's tales of work.
Regardless, I hope you're doing well and will return to blogging at some point.
Oh dear, oh dear...well, enjoy your hiatus. Will you alert your readers when you return? I hope so. Well-written blogs are getting harder to find.
My name is Shannon Heffernan. I'm the online community manager at, a new radio station and web community based here in Chicago. I was really excited to find your blog. Both of your "a year.." blogs are honest and intimate. As someone who reads a lot of blogs I often skim and move on, but I actually found myself drawn in I think your work would make great radio material was hoping you might consider posting some of it for us to air.

In case you haven't already heard about Vocalo, here's a quick overview. (If you want more of a detailed overview, there are press links at the bottom of this email.) was started by Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ, a little over six months ago. But don’t be fooled, it’s not at all like your normal public radio. It's a new kind of radio, integrated with a web community. Users can post content (written, audio, or video) on our website (and really, anything goes). We then air this material on the radio, playing the audio or making audio versions of the written content. Right now we air in Northwest Indiana at 89.5 FM; by the spring we'll have a new 50,000 watt tower that will allow us to expand to cover all of Chicago. It's a brand new station making radio in a brand new way, and we hope you'll get in with us now, on the ground floor.

Think about it: here is your chance to be on the radio! How cool is that?

We welcome content that is already posted on your blog, so it's very easy to take the work you've already done and get it on the air. It's also a chance to expand your audience and bring readers and listeners back to your own blog. Other bloggers and podcasters who have joined our site have noted its ability to increase their own site traffic. If you create a profile on and upload content, you can link back to your blog from our site. And you can put your site address at the end of your piece, so every time we play your stuff, we'll give a shout out to you and your blog's web address on the air. In addition, we often invite our favorite users to co-host, especially if their posts are relevant to a topic we are covering. Really, the possibilities are endless.

We want to create a new community online, but we also want to enrich existing online communities. We hope that as more bloggers and podcasters join, it will help you (and journalists) find and reference each other more often, and find bigger audiences more easily. And for bloggers who are already interested in radio, we hope to become a way for you to become proficient in audio production, too.

We really do hope you'll check us out and consider becoming part of our growing online and on-air community. If you decide you want to record your post (not required) and need some help or just want someone to walk you through the site, don't hesitate to call me at 312-893-2956.

Shannon Heffernan

Chicago Sun Times: Public Radio Eyes Net Gains,CST-FIN-eCol12.article

Beep: A Radio Revolution, Public Radio Turns the Waves Over To You .

Stop Smiling: WBEZ Does it Again
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