Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The area around the office is pretty sketchy, but also poised for massive gentrification. Construction everywhere. A Whole Foods is being built across the street from the strip club. Giant billboards advertise the coming of something, I think condos, called SoNo. ("SoNot Vanilla!")

And this giant building is nearing completion. I think it looks like a child's drawing of a cruise ship. Nate, Allard and Shane think it looks like a sandcrawler from Star Wars.

I sometimes wonder if this means Jellyvision will eventually be pushed out of the area with everyone else.

I'm going to guess that, in an effort to appeal to a trendier crowd, they're ripping off "South of Houston St." in NYC with "South of North" in Chicago. SoHo, SoNo. Yeah. So, no.
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