Saturday, August 04, 2007

The final round of the Cagematch of the Fallen Teams. There were no judges this time, just an audience vote. Meador came to vote for us, as did Chris and Innis from work. It wasn't enough, though, and we lost 54 to 42.

Afterwards we went next door to Bar Louie to have some drinks. Jill had to go home after the show and Niki and Nick hadn't been able to be there at all (Niki because of her Second City show and Nick because his wife, Katie, was due to give birth to their second child at any moment). The rest of us took this group picture, remarking that we were standing in the same spot where we'd taken a picture after our last last show at iO, when we were cut from the schedule two Augusts ago.

Stegmeyer: You know what? I'm upset.
Alex: Me too. I hate that I'm upset, that I got caught up in the whole thing, but I am. It would have been nice to do more shows.
Me: Yeah. But... if we want to do more shows, there's no reason we can't. There's any number of places we could perform.
Alex: That's true.

My friend and I came to see people we know on the other team, but voted for your team because we enjoyed your show so much. Keep playing shows together.

You guys had a great show. I voted for you and you should've won. Yes definitely, keep performing please.
Someone had to be cheating. I mean, I voted for you guys _twice_ and you still didn't win. That's just wrong.
Too bad Peter Gwinn didn't come back and perform with you.
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