Sunday, August 05, 2007


The 1900s played at noon, so they didn't have a huge crowd. Ed (Marketing Assistant), the lead singer, opened by saying, "Is everyone here from Chicago? No one else has heard of us." It was a great show, though, and the crowd grew as their set went on.

During their song 'Bring the Good Boys Home,' instead of singing "touchdown for Katie Jane," Jeanine sang, "it's a girl for Katie Jane," a wink to those who knew that the Katie from the song, Nick's wife, had given birth to their second daughter, Lucy (Newborn), early that morning.

Sarah and I wandered around for the rest of the day, seeing bands, and trying not to get sunstroke. We saw Iggy Pop and Peter Bjorn and John. We saw a man in a Grateful Dead t-shirt talking to a woman who was crying and yelling at him. He gave a high five to a passing friend without missing a beat in his nodding along to the very serious things she was saying to him. We saw my friend, Margolis, perform some old Second City material on the comedy stage. We saw dozens of dragonflies swoop above the crowds and smelled a lot of pot.

Later I caught up with Jeanine about what things were like behind the scenes.

Jeanine: I mostly just wandered around by myself, doing interviews here and there. Rockstars and all their minions are so silly. There were a lot of groupies. Like real live groupies. Those girls are terrifying. I overheard two of them in the bathroom saying, "We should head over to Modest Mouse. If we can't give blowjobs there, we're totally screwed." I loved Pearl Jam, though. A highlight for me, really. In the artist area behind the stage, it was packed during their set and everyone was singing along in Vedder voices.

That groupie story is CRAZY.
I have seen Pearl Jame in concert twice now, they always give a great concert. I really like it when he brings a huge bottle of wine on the stage. It makes him
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