Monday, August 06, 2007

It's always Monday again.

((Standing ovation))
What a great end! Your fan club (aka Kari and I) couldn't be more proud!
Congrats on another good year.
Arnie, I will miss your blog for reasons I can't really come up with, other than I wish Amanda were my boss. I am that bored. How about a new "mo bese" blog year?
Once again, nicely done, Arnold. You've gotta do another year. Might I suggest "A Year in Pictures of 'Call of Duty'"?
Thanks for providing a fun and interesting part of my daily internet routine (is that sad that I have a daily internet routine?). Since I randomly stumbled upon this blog in the first place, I hope that if you start another blog i'll be able to find it!
I think I'll probably be typing randomly into my address bar for a month before teaching my brain to do otherwise.

I hope you'll consider doing one next year. Sequels usually suck, but yours was better than the first (or so I thought) which means that maybe since the THIRD movie normally a load of uninspired crap then maybe your third blog will be just the best thing since sliced cheese.

Here's some ideas to get you started:

1) A Year of Loosing Weight in Interpretive Dance Since Merely Taking Photos Does Nothing to Accomplish My Goal

2) A Year of Embarrassing People Online in Video
(jump on the YouTube bandwagon whydontcha!?)

3) A Year of Young's Hair in the Form of a Daily Webcam Shot

4) A Year of Amanda in Spandex

Just...think about it...will you?
I am a little concerned about your blog ending. How will people know what's going on with me?
we're going to have to find other reasons to have lunch, other than you plugging my band. we'll have to go back to being friends, i suppose.

Thanks, Arnie. I look forward to the next one.
great stuff Arnie. have a good time taking a break from the blog... but I hope sooner or later you start another one.
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