Friday, August 03, 2007

Sometimes we talk about having a special Business Attire Day. Instead of coming to work in jeans or shorts, we'd all wear suits and ties and carry briefcases.

Meyers: We could all give fake power point presentations!
Evan: I think we'd all be so busy pretending to do business that we wouldn't get any work done.

It's a luxury to feel that way, that playing at office would be a fun lark.

We've had special days in the past. Mustache Day. High Five Day. Mostly, though, we just work, like any other office.

Years ago a local public television show, 'Wild Chicago,' came and taped a piece on Jellyvision.

Steve-o: I think they were disappointed that it was just a bunch of people sitting at computers, you know, quietly working. They said, "Hey, can one of you jump out of this garbage can?" I said, "That isn't really something we'd normally do."

If my job were a relationship, I guess it would be like dating a minor celebrity from your youth. You find out they're more or less a normal person. Sometimes that's disappointing, but mostly it's good. You get along well, you spend most of your time together. The romance is pretty much gone, but you don't yearn to be back out on the market. You're happy. You're content. Still... sometimes you wonder, how will I know... will I ever know... if this is how I want to spend the rest of my life?

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